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We Give You Bespoke Solutions for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails so You Look and Feel Your Best Right Through the Day... and the Night! 

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LPG treatments

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Double Care

Buy 1 facial cream or serum Guinot & you get 1 gommage for FREE

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Hair Care 

Buy 2 hair care products Kevin Murphy & get 1 volume mousse for FREE

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Look and feel ultimate

How you look and feel impacts your life, mood and energy every moment of every day. 

So Let's get it RIGHT! 



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Your Lifestyle Demands You Have Everything... 

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...We Can Help You Do It!

Looking and feeling great takes time and requires effort. You want to have it all: hair done all the time, nails done, best-looking skin, best body shape, perfect make-up. 

That requires knowledge, cleverness, and expert advice. 

The great news is, that working together we can make this dream a reality for you! 

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You Times Ten! 

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Do you remember...? you felt the first time you dyed your hair?! That day when you tried new clothes outside your usual fashion 'go to'? How you feel when you make the effort for a special event? 

Motivation comes and goes in cycles of positivity... and fatigue. But you are you every day!

Let's have some fun together! Let's freshen things up so you can feel that good ALL the time!

I am always inspired to help a woman to find the hidden beauty within herself. You are wonderful already! We are going to make you: You Times Ten

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Bring Your Skin Back to Life! 

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Your skin is critical to the way you look and feel. When your skin is great, YOU are great! 

The unique, new LPG technology is a 100% natural 'massage' treatment that:

  • Energises and awakens your skin.  

  • Has anti-aging effects; lifting and firming for the face and body.

  • Helps fight off cellulite and bring you smooth skin once more.

  • Encourages reshaping to the contours of your body.  

LPG stimulates the natural functions of the skin so your skin IS healthier, it looks younger, it is glowing and it brings a relaxing state to both body and mind. 

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What our Clients Say about Us

Florina Copaciu
I have a 14 year old, beautiful relationship with fistiQ. It’s like when you want to feel you’re on the red carpet - you absolutely need the support of fistiQ team. You get unique experience, top quality products, and, what comes first, the team are professional and friendly. You are a beautiful team and I am happy we are together for such a long time! Congratulations for all you do!
woman 2
Adina Popa
For 15 years already, I have been enjoying excellent services, a friendly and familiar atmosphere at fistiQ. fistiQ is the salon that adapts to changing times, novelties, customers, different ages and trends, while offering, together with enthusiasm and consultancy, professional solutions and always a good smile. It is a real pleasure for me to come to fistiQ, with each visit! Thank you for this experience! And BRAVO!

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